Who We Are
CGK is an engineering firm with principal offices in Montreal. Founded in 1981 provides premier technical assistance to the Plant Engineer and the expanding Industry.

From the beginning, CGK has emphasized delivering quality services to industry through loyalty and well trained associates.

CGK is recognized in the sphere of its operations for its Integrity, Efficiency and Quality.

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Mining Facility

Photography of a Mining Facility in Eastern Canada region.

Fields of specialization at a glance:

CGK specializes in the retrofitting and trouble shooting of operating industrial facilities. We excel in the following:

  • Dry Bulk Material Handling
    (Ore Process Plants, Grain Terminals, Pulp and Paper)
  • Ship-Loading and Unloading Facilities
    (Ore Process Plants, Grain Terminals)
  • Fluid Transportation Systems
    (Tailings Disposal, Slurry Handling & Distribution, Viscous Liquids and Fluidized Powders)
  • Piping
    (Power, Process and Services)
  • Services
    (HVAC, Dust/Fume Control Plumbing)
  • Trouble Shooting

Environmental and safety considerations are a fundamental and paramount part of our work.